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Sunday Session:  Building Self-esteem in Children 

Self-Esteem.   One of the biggest indicators of success is Self-esteem.  How a child feels about themselves effects how they see their future potential and the world around.  Such feelings can have long term effects if self-esteem is not increased. Symptoms of low self-esteem can include: Sensitivity to criticism, Social withdrawal, Hostility, Excessive preoccupation with personal problems, and/or Physical symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia and headaches. This workshop will look at why self-esteem is important, what causes low self-esteem, how you as the parent can encourage healthy self-esteem and problem solving skills.

Sunday Session:  Managing fighting and aggression - Triple P Level 3 Discussion Group 
Is this you?  Does your child/children fight each other, friends, or family members often?  Or does he/she get upset and becomes aggressive (hitting or kicking something)?    It is natural for children to have disagreements or arguments at times however when children fight, the risk is that someone will be hurt.  If not dealt with early, fighting and aggression can get worse. If your child fits any of these descriptions, this Triple P Discussion Group can help.

Online Sunday Session:  Correcting Negative Behaviors at School

 Do you remember last year when your child’s teacher had to call you about your child’s behaviors?  For some of you, you didn’t understand it because you don’t see those problems at home, for others you expected it.  Whichever the case, this workshop is for you!  We will look at some common school behavior problems, why children misbehave in school, and learn strategies for managing school behaviors.

Sunday Session:  Coping with Teenagers' Emotions - Triple P Level 3 Discussion Group
In this session, parents learn and discuss some of the reasons teenagers have emotional reactions and the skills that teens need to calm themselves down. Several positive parenting strategies are introduced to help parents teach their teen to better manage their emotions.

Sunday Session: Dealing with disobedience - Triple P Level 3 Discussion Group 
Is this you?  Does it seem like you child just does not listen?  Do you have to repeat yourself or get upset before child follows directions?  All parents face moments when children just don't do as they are told.  This discussion group gives some positive parenting suggestions to help you teach your child to accept limits, do as they are told, and to understand the meaning of the word No.   If your child fits any of these descriptions, this Triple P Discussion Group can help.

Sunday Session:  Hassle-free shopping with children - Triple P Level 3 Discussion Group 

Is this you?  Your child melts down in the supermarket.  Has a tantrum while out shopping.  Refuses to follow directions while out in public.  Has a hard time accepting no for an answer. If your child fits any of these descriptions,
this Triple P Discussion Group can help. Triple P Discussion Groups are short, small group sessions that offer parents practical advice for tackling specific problem behavior.

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