Sometimes, family issues can become too much for you to resolve alone.  Are family concerns causing tension in or throughout your family?  Are you tired of trying with no success? Counseling services, family therapy, or parenting could help bring peace in your home!​

Through family therapy, family members work together to resolve conflict, build communication and gain acceptance.
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Our Clients

Harris Counseling and Coaching PLLC

Our Commitment

Equipping you to live your best life through Mental and Emotional Healing!

Children, adolescents and adults are seen in our office or at your home for depression, anxiety, ADHD, grief, anger and other issues. Concerns may stem from home, school, work or relationships.  We work with you to help you better understand how you are feeling and together we develop a plan to improve your life.

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Our Families 

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We strive to provide consistent, accurate counseling and coaching that your family can depend on. We aim to:
Serve families through counseling and/or coaching services
Respond to our individual needs  in a timely manner
Promote general mental health for all clients.

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