Triple P Discussion Groups include a selection of small group format presentations on specific topics for parents.  Topics cover commonly encountered problems such as disobedience, fighting and aggression, and parenting situations such as shopping with children.  The discussion groups are designed to provide an overview and introduction to the principles of positive parenting for any interested parent.  Parents learn how to use positive parenting to encourage children to learn the skills and competencies they need, and to promote their health, development and well-being.   Discussion groups are the least intensive form of parent coaching.
1 session - 2 1/2 hrs.  - Classroom Setting
Includes 1 group session and 1 optional follow up telephone session. Brings together 10–12 parents, providing them with developmental and child management advice on a specific problem behavior.  

Topics Include: 
Dealing with Disobedience  
Developing good bedtime routines  
Hassle-free shopping with children  
Managing fighting and aggression

Teen Topics:
Getting Teenagers to Cooperate.
Coping with Teenagers’ Emotions
Building Teenagers’ Survival Skills
Reducing Family Conflict

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