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Because there are no college degrees in parenting, there are parent coaches....

Parents around the world have the same kinds of problems.  Toddler tantrums.  Fighting at home or school.  A child who won’t go to bed.  A defiant teen or one who never seems to listen.  And many other common problems… despite the problem our parent coaches are here to help!
Utilizing Triple P – Positive Parenting Program model, our coaches work closely with you
to develop your individual plan that will give you the strategies and tips to resolve
the big and small problems of parenting.
With the Triple P Positive Parenting approach, our coaches help you to:

      Raise happy, confident children
  •       Manage children’s behavior so everyone enjoys life more
  •       Set family routines and rules that everyone follows
  •       Get along well with your kids and argue less
  •       Balance work and family without stress
We have multiple options to fit your parenting needs.

Triple P Discussion Groups 
One time 2 1/2 hours of small group format presentation on specific topics for parents.  Topics cover commonly encountered problems such as disobedience, fighting and aggression, creating healthy bedtime routines, and shopping with children.  The discussion groups are designed to provide an overview and introduction to the principles of positive parenting for any interested parent.  Parents learn how to use positive parenting to encourage children to learn the skills and competencies they need, and to promote their health, development and well-being.   Discussion groups are the least intensive form of parent coaching.

Primary Care Individual Sessions 
Four brief one-on-one parent coaching sessions between an Accredited Triple P parent coach and a parent(s)/guardian.  Sessions can be face-to-face or over the phone and deal with very specific behavioral problems or parenting concerns. 

Standard Group Sessions
Five group sessions and three telephone support calls (8 total). Groups of 10-12 parents
attend face-to-face sessions over a period of two to three months.  This approach provides the support to help you manage your child's behavior and prevent the kinds of problems that make
your family life stressful.  

Standard Individual Sessions
For more serious behavior problems, these Individual sessions consist of 8 total sessions
with an Accredited Triple P trained parent coach and parent(s).

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